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Your baby shower money pot

Swap the classic baby shower list for Papayoux, a simple and fun money pot solution

cagnotte de naissance
7 reasons for using Papayoux

Mode d'emploi de ma cagnotte de naissance

1 - Je personnalise ma cagnotte
2 - Je diffuse à mes proches
3 - Je collecte les dons
4 - J'offre ma cagnotte
Your friend Sarah celebrates her 30th birthday, your colleague Mike celebrates his farewell pot, James organizes a weekend with friends, Emma defends a solidarity project, you organize your wedding or wait for a happy event ...
...Papayoux is indeed a fun, amazing and secured online money pot to organize group gifts, collect money with friends, raise money for your personnal project or for non-profits and charities causes.
cagnotte d'anniversaire
cagnotte pot de départ
Farewell party
cagnotte de mariage
cagnotte de naissance
Baby shower
cagnotte d'EVG
Hen & stag
cagnotte de vacances
cagnotte de thèse
Urban foot
cagnotte d'association
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