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Hen & stag money pot

Celebrate your friend's last days being 'single'

Make life a lot easier when planning a hen & stag party for boys or girls by letting the Papayoux money pot manage your expenses common, because we must never lose sight of the fact that good accounts make good friends.
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How does it work?

Créez votre cagnotte en ligne
1- Creation
I customize my fundraiser
Partagez votre cagnotte
2- Sharing
I broadcast to my friends
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3- Participations
I collect participations
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4- Expense
I get my money pot
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Reasons for using Papayoux

Moins de frais
Low fees
Equipe réactive
Awesome team
Energie est 100% verte
Energy 100% green
Your friend Sarah celebrates her 30th birthday, your colleague Mike celebrates his farewell pot, James organizes a weekend with friends, Emma defends a solidarity project, you organize your wedding or wait for a happy event ...
...Papayoux is indeed a fun, amazing and secured online money pot to organize group gifts, collect money with friends, raise money for your personnal project or for non-profits and charities causes.
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Baby shower

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Hen & stag

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Farewell party

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