Logo de Papayoux

Papayoux, a funny spot for your money pot

Who is Papayoux ?

Founded in 2014, Papayoux is an original and secure fund-raising service that collects and manages money in a simple and fun way for private events such as birthdays, farewell pots, births , Weddings ... but also to the benefit of solidarity and humanitarian projects.

Why an online money pot ?

It is always complicated to raise money with several people in order to finance a shared gift, a weekend or a project. We have all been confronted many times with this problem: advance money for a shared gift, spend time contacting all the guests of a pot Or birthday, draw up a list of the different participants, collect cash, make sure that everyone has signed the card, do not succeed in getting paying back, not knowing who to thank...

How does it work ?

With Papayoux, create your personalized money pot for free and with just a few clicks, then invite your family, relatives, colleagues, friends to participate by depositing donations via their VISA or MASTERCARD credit card, with the possibility of paying with foreign credit cards from 80 European countries. Guests who submit an entry have the option to select a character from the Papayoux universe and leave a message for the recipient’s attention. Take advantage of the dashboard to modify the settings of your pool at any time, follow the progress of the participations, download an Excel summary or print a card to offer. Finally, when the pool is over, spend it by requesting the transfer of the money collected to your bank account or to another beneficiary.

Frequent asked questions