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Your friend Sarah celebrates her 30th birthday, your colleague Mike celebrates his farewell pot, James organizes a weekend with friends, Emma defends a solidarity project, you organize your wedding or wait for a happy event ...
...Papayoux is indeed a fun, amazing and secured online money pot to organize group gifts, collect money with friends, raise money for your personnal project or for non-profits and charities causes.
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cagnotte en ligne de naissance

Baby shower

cagnotte en ligne d'EVG

Hen & stag

cagnotte en ligne pot de départ

Farewell party

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Reasons for using Papayoux

Moins de frais
Low fees
Equipe réactive
Awesome team
Energie est 100% verte
Energy 100% green

Why an online money pot on Papayoux?

Creating a personal fundraising on Papayoux is the easiest and fastest way to collect money.

Papayoux is a French online fundraising platform created in 2014

A service that also makes ticketing

The navigation is ultra-intuitive and suitable for all audiences

Service fees are the lowest on the market

Payments are compatible with bank cards issued in the EU (Belgium, Spain, Italy etc...) but also in the United States, Canada, Switzerland and across 150 countries

Our pool is for individuals, companies and associations

Do not hesitate to contact us, our team is known for its responsiveness

Our platform is multilingual.

The energy consumed by our servers is renewable

Our rate is really competitive.
Collect smartly
Don't advance money anymore, avoid unpaid payment, don't be the banker anymore : Papayoux collects for you !
Collect easy
With a few cliks, customize your money pot, then invite your friends to contribute, finally transfer the funds on your bank account.
Collect secure
Transactions are totally secure thanks to SSL encryption and 3D Secure technology.

An ethical and eco-responsible money pot

An independent and original online pot founded in 2014, simple, secure, on a human scale, ethical which has already brought together hundreds of thousands of users and which represents an interesting alternative compared to the giants of the market.

A unique and ultra-competitive rate that allows you to collect from many international countries.

Simple because a few clicks are enough to launch your fundraising. Secure because we apply the highest security standards to protect our users and fight against fraud.

On a human scale, because our team will answer your questions quickly and in a personalized way (no ChatBot).

Ecological because the electricity needed to operate our platform is of renewable origin.

Ethical because we ensure that the money from the collect is used in a respectful manner and in accordance with the stated objective.

Eco-responsible because we have entered into a partnership with Ethi'Kdo which allows the money collected to be converted into ecological and solidarity gift vouchers.


Papayoux: 1 brand, 2 platforms

Initially dedicated to online collections for personal events such as birthdays, Papayoux has a little brother: Our new platform Papayoux Solidarité is specially designed to support solidarity projects, associations, sports, artistic and entrepreneurial.

1- Papayoux: Your Solution for Custom Online Collections
Papayoux has made a name for itself by facilitating collections for personal occasions. Our users appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of our service to raise funds for happy privacy events.

2- Papayoux Solidarité: Raising Funds for Social Impact
Responding to the growing need for crowdfunding for broader causes, Papayoux Solidarity is our answer to those who seek to raise funds for a solidarity, associative, sporting, artistic or entrepreneurial project.

3- A Platform Tailored to Your Project Financing Needs
Papayoux Solidarité offers a dedicated and adapted environment for charity collections and other project financing. Our platform allows you to collect donations at regular intervals, without constraint of target amount, thus ensuring maximum flexibility for your donation campaigns.


You trust us !

Amazing online money pot
I use the service regularly with friends and colleagues. Really easy, friendly and secure. I really recommend it to everyone!
Awesome hotline
Wishing to be refunded of my contribution, I appreciated the responsiveness of the customer service which was very reassuring
Warmly recommend this web site
I chose this online money pot service because the fee is reasonable and the website safe.
Bucolic money pot
Money collection solution that embeds you in a piggy experience!
Very fun fundraising platform
To facilitate the organization of our humanitarian trip to Cambodia, we created a money pot on the site Papayoux.com in order to collect funds quickly and safety.

Public money pots

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More pots...

What is the best fundraising platform ?

Welcome to Papayoux, our cool and bucolic online fundraising platform. Our human-sized company and our independence from banks and shooping partners allows us to set rates better those charged by major players (who charge around 4%).

Our platform aims to promote the ethical character in the way we practice our business, eco-responsible (with a reduction in our carbon footprint and a partnership specialized in the social and solidarity economy) and focused on the satisfaction of our customers.

Papayoux has been designed for happy life events but can be used in an associative setting or for charity causes. The inscouciant character of the platform can sometimes confuse users looking for a more sober graphic universe. Therefore, it is advisable to go to papayoux-solidarite.com a second platform designed for pure crowdfunding.

Payments are mainly made by credit card, but also by bank transfer. Visitors can participate with a internatioal credit card from many countries (90% of countries are eligible) and the transfer of the pot on a bank account is free in the SEPA zone (EU + Switzerland + UK). Unlike some crowdfunding sites, there is no minimum threshold for fundraising.

Papayoux also offers a ticketing feature to manage your events like Weekend, concert, theater, very convenient service especially when you need to combine with several dates or rates.

Our 2 platforms allow organizers to manage not only as individuals but also as associations, collectives, companies...

Security is a major preoccupation. Papayoux is of course registered with ORIAS, an organization under the supervision of the french minister that approves regulated professions (banking, payments, insurance...). Our site meets the highest standards with encryption guaranteeing the confidentiality of our users. Payments made on Papayoux are subject to double 3D Secure authentication, which guarantees high protection.

Papayoux has been created since 2014 and became famous (more than 1 million users to date) due to its pricing positioning and its international dimension. Our team accompanies you if you are beginners on this type of platform, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our blog includes a number of practical articles on the questions you ask yourself and highlights causes that have affected us. For example, we offer text templates for starters, or births that will save you valuable time. In addition, if you are having trouble contributing to a money pot, we have written an article that could help you make a successful credit card payment.

Wish to contact us, it's here
Our team is available every day, even on weekends and holidays
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