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Your wedding money pot

An easy and cool wedding pool

Papayoux breaks the codes of the classic wedding list by offering you a very simplified collect approach, without having to spend it on partners.

Create your jackpot with 1 click, easily collect donations from your loved ones and collect the amount of the gifts directly from your bank account.

If you wish, choose to hide the amount collected and the names of the contributors.

At the end, print a map containing all the messages submitted by the participants and thank them by sending them a short word automatically.
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How does it work ?
Créez votre cagnotte en ligne
1- Creation
I customize my pot
Partagez votre cagnotte
2- Share
I share with close people
Contribuez à la cagnotte
3- Contributions
I collect the participations
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4- Spending
I offer my money pot

Reasons for using Papayoux

Moins de frais
Low fees
Equipe réactive
Awesome team
Energie est 100% verte
Energy 100% green
Your friend Sarah celebrates her 30th birthday, your colleague Mike celebrates his farewell pot, James organizes a weekend with friends, Emma defends a solidarity project, you organize your wedding or wait for a happy event ...
...Papayoux is indeed a fun, amazing and secured online money pot to organize group gifts, collect money with friends, raise money for your personnal project or for non-profits and charities causes.
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Baby shower

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Hen & stag

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Farewell party

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