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Frequent asked questions

Who are we ?

What is it for ?

A secured solution for collecting money for groups (Birthday, holidays, leaving gifs, weddings...)
1 - Create and customize your money pot in just of couple of clicks.
2 - Invite to contribute your friends by sharing a link.
3 - Wait for people to pay by credit card.
4 - Transfer the money on a bank account.

What is your contact support ?

At Papayoux, the customer satisfaction is a priority.

For any questions or issues, please use the form : Here

Papayoux, who is that guy ?

Papayoux represents a group of cool piggies bank, best companions of your navigation.

We offered you a pot

How do I get the money back?

By clicking on the link that you received by email from the organizer, you will proceed to your registration on Papayoux.

Once registered, your money is available and safe in your Papayoux account corresponding to this email.

1- You will be required to have your profile verified by submitting an identity document in accordance with the regulations: Supporting Documents

2- Collect your collection via a transfer to your bank account. To do this, fill in your IBAN and attach a copy of your bank document. For your security, IBANs are subject to authentication which takes up to 2 working days.

3- Finally, you will be asked to trigger your bank transfer by confirming with your password. To do this, please click on "Make a transfer" in your space My Money Pots.

I'm a contributor

I would just like to contribute, do I need to create an account ?

It's not necessary. From the money pot page, you just have to click "I CONTRIBUTE".

Minimum and maximum contributions

Amount per transaction must be higher than €1 and lower than €2000.

What kind of credit card can you use for contributing ?

Most of international credit card are accepted (More than 180 countries including USA, Canada, Australia, UK...)

Are the contributions visible by all ?

No, the amount of contributions are hidden by default, except for the money pot administrator.

How to return on messages sent to the recipient further to your contribution?

To modify the message and the bubble, go on the page of the money pot and click on the link "Edit" put under your character.

I'm a pot creator

Do you have to create an account ?

Yes, you need to sign up, but it's really quick

How to confirm my account ?

For security reasons, you have to confirm your e.mail by clicking on a link we send you after you have signed up.

How to make a pot public ?

By checking this option, this allows to aim for a wider public, knowing that it's referenced by Google, Bing et other search engines.

How can you make a valuable money pot ?

Add an image / picture and a description to get the money pot attractive. Tell your friends and use social networks and medias

How to collect a exact amount ?

By selecting "Commission paid by the contributor" when you create or modify your money pot. Thus, the contributor will be required to pay the commission. Example : A contributor who whishes to cash in 20€ net to the money pot will finally pay 20,50€. If this option is not selected, the commission will be deducted from the contribution. Example : A contributor who pay 20.50€ will cash in 20€ net to the money pot.

How to hide pot amount ?

By activating the option "Hide the amount of my pot" during the creation / modification.

How to make participants anonymous ?

By activating the option "Anonymize contributors" when creating or modifying a pot. Please note, if you are logged into your Papayoux account, you will be able to see more informations than a simple visitor.

On the "Invitations" page, there are 2 ways of communicating my invitations, what is the best ?

- Get the money pot link for sharing it through e.mail / social networks allow to customize your invitations.
- Paste emails in the dedicated area then let Papayoux send your invitations will save your time and give you the opportunity to send your inivitation again.

How to relance your guest ?

On the guest page, you have the opportunity to re-send your invitations to people that have not contributed yet, one by one or at once.

Are you notified for my different actions on the site ?

Yes, you are notified by email when you create a new money pot, when a person contribute to your money pot, and when you initiate a transfer.

Which countries can you transfer money to?

Free of charge to all accounts in the SEPA zone (UE, UK, Swiss...). Contact us for other countries.

How do I enter my bank information?

By going to My Account. For any addition of a new IBAN, a copy of your bank account statement or equivalent will be requested. This must include:

- The bank logo
- Your name and only your name (or name of the legal person you represent)
- The IBAN number

The name indicated on the document must imperatively be consistent with your Papayoux account, be careful of the names of married name / birth name.

Important: If you are collecting for a legal person (Association, company ...), remember to update your profile (My Account) by clicking on "Legal person".

We accept good quality photos and screenshots.

We accept account statements. Remember to hide confidential information (balance ...).

Adding an IBAN does not trigger the transfer order (see how to collect the money).

The documents are to be sent here

How can I make a transfer on my bank account?

On the money pot page, just click on "Spend my money pot".

Could I make a transfer to another person (ex: My Friend) ?

Click on Spend my pot then Another person.

How to have a verified profile ?

You need to have a verified profile to make bank transfer, so you will be invited to provide a copy of the documents indicated below:

For individuals:

A single piece of valid identification chosen from among these documents:

- Identity card (double-sided)

- Passport

- Biometric Driver's License (double-sided)

- Residence card

For legal persons, please contact us.

To send us these supporting documents, please go to the page My documents. The processing of these parts takes from a few seconds to 24 working hours.

How to thanks contributors ?

You can download the list of contributors by clicking on "Export contributors" on the money pot page.

Finally, how does it cost ?

Creation of a money pot: Free

Bank transfer: Free in the SEPA zone (European Union, Switzerland, UK, Norway, Iceland)

Contribution in a money pot: Service charge of 1.9% + 25 cents on each contribution in € and also in foreign currencies (150 eligible countries). (On average, that is the price of a stamp and it helps us cover our bank commissions).

Depending on the option chosen, these costs are either covered by the organizer or by the contributors.

Our customer team is awesome, even on weekends!

Is my money safe ?

Absolutely, Papayoux is related to a payment service managed by LEMON WAY company, registered as RCS 500 486 915 and agreed by the french regulator under the identification 16568J.

The money is kept in a blocked account within LEMONWAY dedicated to send money only to our clients.
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Frequent asked questions