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An Independent and Competitive Online Fundraising Platform

Why Choose an Independent Online Fundraising Platform?

Opting for an independent online fundraising platform like Papayoux means choosing an ethical and economical alternative to large platforms controlled by banking groups or American and Chinese multinationals. Our independence means we can offer more tailored and personalized services to our users, without compromising on quality or security.

At Papayoux, we are committed to reducing fees to provide the most competitive service in the online fundraising market. This approach allows us to stand out as a major player in our sector, while remaining true to our values of autonomy and responsibility.

Aware of the impact of consumption on our environment and society, we have decided not to associate with commercial partners such as Amazon, Galeries Lafayette, Fnac-Darty, etc. This approach allows us to promote more responsible consumption and maintain our editorial independence.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional user experience at rates significantly lower than those of our competitors. We are proud to announce that this strategy has been successful, as we now have over one million active users who trust Papayoux for their online fundraising needs.

Join the Papayoux community for a transparent, fair, and economical online fundraising experience.

Why Choose Papayoux for Your Online Fundraising?

Papayoux stands out as the preferred choice for organizing online fundraisers, thanks to its competitive pricing and unique, bucolic user experience. Our site is recognized for its ethical commitment and a team that is always welcoming and friendly.

Our dedication to a healthier environment is also a key factor: we guarantee that the energy powering our servers comes from renewable sources. In addition, our international presence allows us to collect funds in more than 150 countries without additional fees, providing great ease for contributors from all over the world, from Chile to Canada to Hong Kong. This global operating capability is a major advantage over other market players.

Furthermore, it is important to mention our Papayoux-Solidarity platform, specially designed to support solidarity campaigns. This initiative underscores our ongoing commitment to humanitarian and social causes.

Tips for Successful Solidarity Online Fundraising

To maximize the impact of your solidarity online fundraiser on Papayoux, here are some essential tips. First, highlight your project with captivating images and photos. Use variations in shape and color in your description to attract attention and generate interest.

Next, create an exhaustive list of your contacts, including those you know less well. These people can become excellent ambassadors for your cause.

Also consider contacting local and national press, as well as web media, to increase the visibility of your fundraiser. Good media coverage can be a powerful lever for your project.

Don't forget to use social networks to share your fundraiser and reach a wider audience. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are effective tools for increasing the reach of your solidarity initiative.

An International Online Fundraising Platform

Papayoux stands out for its ability to offer a truly international online fundraising experience. Our service is available in 6 languages, and we accept international payments, making it easy for contributors from 150 different countries to participate.

Whether you live in Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, China, or elsewhere in the world, Papayoux offers an accessible and user-friendly platform to launch and manage your fundraisers. This flexibility allows people from all over the world to easily support your projects, no matter where they are located.

How does it work?

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Reasons for using Papayoux

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